Namanaka Hyaku Percent!

Description Namanaka Hyaku Percent!
Category: Anime and Hentai
Year: 2012
Language: Japanese


Namanaka Hyaku Percent!

Our hero was lucky in twins, it occurs simultaneously with two girlfriends. But one does not know that he was sleeping with another, of course he is trying to hide it all and did not let on. A friend of mine likes to dress up in different costumes, while another prefers fetish, sex toys and other debauchery. Girls of every kind of flirting with him and make love not where you get, not the exception was even an elevator. In which a young guy fucked pretty: 3 What he does not say happy. After the girls
learn the ugly truth begins competition for the right to be the first and favorite. Having decided that together they can deliver many times more fun and apply for this every effort so that our hero was good. Meanwhile, the guy flying in the clouds surrounded by two busty girlfriends. Well, then you can only imagine the continuation of their sexual adventures.
Namanaka Hyaku Percent!

Total size: 661.3 MB in 2 files.
Namanaka Hyaku Percent!

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