Jeremiah & Noah Riley RAW

Description Jeremiah & Noah Riley RAW
Category: Gays
Year: 2015
Duration: 26:03
Format: mp4
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)
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Jeremiah & Noah Riley RAW

Jeremiah took some time thinking about doing more full-on sex with a dude. Not sure why it took him a while. He has messed around with guys and certainly comes from a very liberal area. He prefers women, but I think there is a part of him that loves dominating a submissive guy.

And boy, you sure see that in this video! He had aggressively throat-fucked Griffin in the Serviced video, and he brought the same game to this one. Thankfully Noah can take it, and rarely doing we get to see a guy dominate a dude's holes like Jeremiah does!

You can see he relishes in Noah deep-throating him! Jeremiah just power-fucks his face relentlessly! Tears are coming out of Noah's eyes, but he keeps going back for more!

Jeremiah threw himself totally into this video. He sucks on Noah's cock, and then gets himself in a 69 position to bury his cock down Noah's throat again. Not sure how Noah was breathing but his cock stays bone hard between gasps for air!
Jeremiah & Noah Riley RAW

Jeremiah & Noah Riley RAW

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