Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

Description Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064
Category: Gays Full-Lenght Movies
Studio: FalconStudios
Cast: Chris Steele, Ryan Zane, Aaron Tanner, Ted Matthews, Addison Scott, Tiger (Striped), Alexandros Matsagos, Tommy Saxx, Chad Hunt, Zach Richards, Daniel Sinclair, Dante Foxx, Drew Peters, Enrico Vega, Evan Taylor, Jay Ross, Justin Dragon, Logan Krewe, Michae
Duration: 1:22:37
Language: English
Format: mp4
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1684kbps
Audio: 122kbps
File Size: 1.1 GB


Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

If you liked Part 1, you’ll absolutely wallow in delight now! In the second part of this cum-drenched spectacular, the ever-fabulous Miss LaRue pulls out all the stops to create 90 minutes of pure porn perfection. The actors here are transformed from respectable taxpaying citizens into snorting, yelping, drooling sex freaks!

The film opens with a size queen’s soaking wet dream - the genitally gifted Brandon and Sinclair are paired with Saxx and Tanner, who take to tackling these two massive pieces with gusto. Sinclair snacks on Saxx’s pooperoo, before Saxx and Tanner show what limits their anuses will go to in order to accommodate their buddies’ shockingly large members.

After Tanner goes for a fun ride on Brandon’s flesh pony, his rectum is rudely invaded by a common battery-operated household implement normally used to help find one’s way in the dark. That’s right, a flashlight!

Next, Peters shows that his eyes are bigger than his mouth when he attempts to swallow Hunt’s imposing meat sword. Meanwhile, pumped-up porn minx Ross is doing the same thing with Collins’ pulsating ebony staff. Collins and Peters spit-shine Ross’s rosebud. Tops and bottoms then pair off for some remarkable shtupping. Just when you thought it was safe to go poking around in someone’s shitter, the boys break out some juice and a funnel and all kinky hell brakes loose. After inserting the funnel in Ross’s rectum, the guys pour the equivalent of half a keg into the thing, which Ross gleefully shoots out of his juice-drenched pooper.

Two more scorching scenes are next on the agenda: a threeway fuckathon between Richards, Tiger and Taylor, and an incredible fourway rimapalooza starring Zane, Krewe, Peters and Dragon
Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064
Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064
Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

Shock Part 2 - Mustang Pac 064

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