Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

Description Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)
Category: Gays Full-Lenght Movies
Year: 2008
Cast: Jeremy Oliver, Daniel McMahon, Ryan Ryder, Alex Cross, Glen Dean, Dean Santiago, Cooper Jameson, Etienne Gray, J.T. Sloan, Fyerfli, Jeremy Ryder, Luke Cross, Orion Cross, Elliot Cross
Duration: 1:51:21
Format: avi
Video: 720x540, XviD, 1758kbps
Audio: 187kbps
File Size: 1.6 GB
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Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

"This video delivers exactly what it promises: Tons of hot studs who are addicted to spunk.

Etienne Gray and Cooper Jameson get things started off the right way. I knew immediately from the way Cooper sucked dick that he was going to be an insatiable bottom. There is nothing hotter than when two dudes suck face before they fuck. So, watching Cooper and Etienne make out, suck cock, and rim each other had me close to busting my nut before they even started fucking. The scene gets hot as hell when Etienne finally slides his dick into Cooper's hairy hole. And it just keeps getting better: Cooper gets on all fours while Etienne really pounds his ass doggy style. Etienne gets rough, slapping Cooper's ass and pulling his hair while he jackhammers away. Etienne gets even more dominant as he pins Cooper's head to the mat in, proving that he's the top, and he's in control. Etienne eventually shoots his wad all over Cooper's hole, and then continues to fuck him some more. Poor Cooper doesn't get to cum in this scene. But like a good raw bottom, he shoves his ass into the camera and squirts the jizz out of his sticky cum hole!

Next up Fyerfli and Daniel McMahon getting nasty. Fyerfli is an intense top, who is pure, raw fucking energy. The top stud also knows how to make his bottoms feel good - always offering a friendly reach-around. And, there's nothing quite like listening to Fyerfli scream, moan, grunt and growl as he shoots his load. After he's done unloading into Daniel's ass, Fyerfli gets even nastier, and felches the cum out of his bottom's used hole.

Bottom stud Daniel shows up again later in the video getting his hole plowed by Jeremy Ryder. This time, Daniel gets a bit more aggressive and rides Jeremy's cock cowboy style. His smooth hole was simply meant to have dick in it at all times. Jeremy eventually covers Daniel's hole with thick ropes of cum, before shoving his gooey cock back up Daniel's chute. I really got off watching Jeremy's thick cock slides in and out of Daniel's cum-covered hole.

The guy that gets my cock the hardest in this video is Alex Cross. In the third scene, the cute twink is paired up with hung stud JT Lee. As Alex noisily slurps and guzzles JT's cock, we get a glimpse of just what a greedy cock fiend Alex is. I love when a cute bottom can't get enough cock, and the look on Alex's face as he gets fucked had me believing he wanted more, more, more. Alex's skinny, smooth body looks amazing as he's down on all fours with a dick up his ass. I shot a huge load watching JT coat Alex's cute hole with jizz. I didn't want the scene to end because I wanted more Alex Cross. Lucky for me (and you), Alex gets fucked in another scene in the video.

In his second scene Alex really got my cock aching. There's nothing hotter than watching that freckled twink suck and gag on Ryan Ryder's meaty cock. Alex deserves a gold medal for bottoming. Man, he takes his second big cock of the video like a pure champ! After some intense, balls-deep fucking, Ryan shoots his load up Alex's pretty hole. What I wouldn't give to slurp on Alex's spunk-filled hole. Damn, this boy is too hot!

Dean Santiago is one hot Latin bottom stud. It's not easy to look great while you're getting the living daylights fucked out of you. But somehow Santiago manages to look perfect the whole time. His flawless body never looks anything less than gorgeous as Glen pounds away. Clearly Santiago's ass must be as perfect as the rest of him, because it isn't long before Glen unloads his jizz up Santiago's tight hole. If you like Latin studs like I do, you're gonna love watching Santiago get fucked.

The Cross boys finish off the video. And man, what a finale it is! These guys clearly have some off-screen chemistry that they bring with them to the scene. They fuck, suck, and rim each other with nasty familiarity. The first Cross boy fucks a load up the other one's ass, and the digs it back out with his tongue. Then it's the top's turn to get plowed. Revenge is sweet, especially when you're turning the tables on a top that just plowed your ass. The former top whines and moans as he gets plugged from both ends. Finally the two Cross boys shoot huge sticky loads all over the bottom's ass. The Cross boys shoot a total of five loads in the video. I'll bet you shoot just as many watching them."
Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)
Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)
Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

Spunk Video – Spunk Junkies (2008)

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