Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

Description Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life
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Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

The Cazzo studio is trying to promote one of their hottest new sex pots in the form of Igor Stahl. The big strapping skin head with a cute and rouged mush, fit athletic body and expert fucking technique is surely going to go a long way. Here he gets to fuck around with most of the cast which is made up of a range of sexy German hunks, all well equipped, well blessed and well up for it.

Fit, toned guys, some with bigger muscles with others, sandy complexions, some with hairy chests and lots of fine coverings of body hair. We begin with two scenes on trains, intercut with each other, which features Igor and his mate on separate journeys into the city to meet each other. They both meet a saucy boy each on route and have a quick shag before their train pulls in at the station.

It’s hot stuff with cocks being sucked through half pulled down jeans and the frantic fingering and fucking of arses, up against the clock.

Igor’s mate pulls a cute, Will Smith type black guy who gets to suck on his huge cock. There’s lots of great cocks in this movie – big, fat with veins in; the type they mould dildo’s out of.
Back at the flat, the two lodgers get it off with each other in the kitchen, tearing off each others white Calvins and going straight for the rude bits. Muscled stud tops the more lean of the two but before the penetration there’s some great cock sucking, with dick pulled through legs giving easy access to slurp over bell end and ring piece almost at the same time. Igor and pall arrive home and promptly pair off with the saucy lodgers, one in the bedroom and one in the shower.
Later on, Igor’s meaty mate sods off down the local porn cinema and gets involved in a big orgy of around ten guys – excellent stuff here. Some very sexy laddy German’s are in attendance, in football tops, belcher chains and showing off their general ravishing looks. Lots of fiddling and wanking to
start and they soon pair off into two’s and threes and generally get off on watching each other for a while. At one point all the bottoms in the orgy are getting it doggy style; arses being pounded hard and ruthlessly.

It ends up with five of the guys all sat in the front row, tossing each other off, fiddling with each others nipples while the other sleazy boys stand behind them and ejaculate all over the them from the rear. Bonus sequence sees some of the lads going back to be fucked by skin head sex pot, Igor Stahl who is a real joy to watch as he fucks several of them in his white vest with his big genitals pulled out of his shorts – hmmm, very sexy, but don’t worry, he gets his kit off in the end – again.
Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life
Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life
Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

Cazzo - Berlin Sex Life

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