Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

Description Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)
Category: Gays Solo
Cast: Ward
Duration: 10:22
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Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

Ward and I have been emailing for a long time. He’s Elder Hatch’s Ward Mission Leader. And that’s a fact I didn’t find out about until I met Hatch.

“Yeah, as soon as I met Elder Hatch I knew we’d end up messing around. He was always flirting and wanting to talk about how excited he was to have sex after his mission.”

I asked Ward the same thing I asked Hatch, “have the two of you messed around?”

“Yeah, you know, it was sorta funny how it happened the first time. I picked Elder Hatch up to do some service work while his companion was talking to the mission president. I guess his companion was having a rough time and was thinking about going home, so he was talking to Pres alot.”

“Anyhow, we were driving and I could tell Elder Hatch had a hardon. He was asking questions about sex, as usual, and I had popped a boner too. Next thing I know, he asked if he could see my cock. Luckily I didn’t crash when his hands went down my pants.”

“When I reached down and slid my hands into his pants, it was like the kid’s dick was solid steel and drooling precum like a faucet. I had to pull off on a side road where we gave each other some awesome head.” Read more . . .

I asked if he ever made it to the service activity? He laughed. “Yeah, no, we never made it there. We were too busy servicing each other.” And then he said with a big grin, “But we try and make it up with as many service days as possible.”
Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)
Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)
Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

Ward Videnti Jerks Off (720p)

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