You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

Description You Love Jack - Rob Dryden
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You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

Rob doesn't think he's gay. "I really only like girls. I mean, there was this one time when my buddy gave me a hand job but that just sort of happened. So it doesn't count."

Whatever you say...

Rob quickly strips and shows off his perfect body as he slowly strokes his rock hard cock. He stares down the camera with his brilliant blue eyes as he slides an experimental finger up his asshole. Slowly fucking his virgin hole before squirting a delicious load of cum all over his ripped abs!

He's a little nervous as the video opens and he fumbles with his belt before quickly pushing his pants down around his ankles. His beautiful cock is rock hard and poking at his underwear as his kicks his pants off and grabs a seat on the couch.

Rob grabs his cock through the thin fabric of his shorts and shows off the shape of that thing as he teases the camera with what's to come. Eventually the head of his pecker peeks out the leg of his underwear and we get our first glimpse of that beautiful cock. The camera comes in for a brilliant close-up and reveals a delicate drop of pre-cum leaking from his pee hole. That's one horny straight dude!
He stands up and peels off his shorts as his cock snaps against his ripped abs. He grabs the shaft and holds it up for the camera with a puppy expression on his face. Not sure if he's going to be praised or swatted with a newspaper! Well give the a bone, we approve. We definitely approve!

He grabs a bottle of lube and pours a big glob on his cock then swirls it around his head and shaft until both are glistening in the afternoon light. His cock loves the added sensation that the lube provides and responds by instantly growing just a little bit harder. Bright red and ready for attention!

As he continues to work his cock his free hand drifts down to his ass. He looks up for approval as he rubs some lube on his asshole and pokes his thick athletic finger at his most private opening. Prepping it for the violation that's right around the corner.

Rob scoots his ass forward and pulls his legs up to reveal his asshole to the camera. He cranes his head to see himself in the camera's LCD monitor as his asshole puckers and contracts like a hungry little mouth. He slowly pushes his finger inside his body. Gently at first. Slowly working his digit in to the first knuckle as his eyes close and he enjoys the sensation.

He slowly pulls that finger back out and spreads his cheeks to show off that puckering hole for a moment before driving his finger back inside his body. All the way to the second knuckle this time as he flexes his finger and digs around inside his butt. Eager to experience the sensation of having his asshole probed. Desperate for more.

He pulls out again and spreads his cheeks one more time. His ass is bright red now from all the attention and seems to suck at the air as it begs for the return of his finger. He spreads his cheeks just a little wider and lets the camera have a good look at his perfect little rosebud then slides his finger back in. Gasping as his ass stretches to accomodate his finger.
He pulls out and grabs his rock hard cock and gives it a couple of strokes with his legs still in the air. A beautiful shot of a vibrant athletic young man exposing his manhood for all the world to see - no longer caring who thinks what. He's fucking loving how this feels!
He lets his legs fall and looks right in the camera and it's clear from the look on his face that this straight dude needs to cum. He sets to work on his beautiful cock as the afternoon light cascades across his super-hero body. Outlining every contour of his finely sculpted physique as his muscles ripple and tense beneath his skin. He just lets the camera run for a full three minutes as he works himself to the edge of orgasm. Fucking beautiful!

Suddenly his face grows serious and his jerking becomes irregular. He gasps for breath an freezes. And the first shot of cum spews out of his beautiful cock. Two more globs leak down his shaft before a fourth shot splatters on his belly. The fifth and final shot puddles at the base of his cock leaving this straight dude panting for breath.
He takes a breath then looks up at the camera. His beautiful eyes almost seem to regret the pleasure now that it's spent. He glances back at himself and lets his cock fall into the puddles of cum on his belly.
You Love Jack - Rob Dryden
You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

You Love Jack - Rob Dryden
You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

You Love Jack - Rob Dryden

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