You Love Jack - William Prince

Description You Love Jack - William Prince
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You Love Jack - William Prince

From his dark green eyes and devilish smile to his smooth fit body and beautiful 7 inch uncut cock... William Prince just might be the cutest thing you ever saw!

His tight little body looks amazing as he plays with his perfect nipples and works his beautiful 7 inch uncut cock. He slides a slippery finger into his asshole then shoots a delicious load of cum all over his belly and licks up every last drop!

The video opens with William playing with his rock hard cock inside his light blue briefs. He slowly strokes the length of his shaft and grins up at the camera with a deviant smile. Stretching the thin fabric of his briefs over the engorged shaft and showing off his half hidden boner before standing up and pushing his jeans to the floor.
He takes a minute to tease the camera with his cock still in his underwear - letting the cock head briefly peek out of the leg of his shorts before slipping it back inside and giving it a couple of long rough strokes. He pushes his underwear off then sits back on the couch with his boner flopping back and forth between his legs.

This beautiul young man is packing 7 delicious uncut inches between his legs and he holds it up and looks right in the lens as if he's inviting the camera to get on its knees between his legs! That devilish little grin appears again as he slowly starts working his cock. Slowly rolling the foreskin up and over the sensitive skin of his cock head. Loving how it feels!
William stands up to take of his t-shirt and looks right in the camera as he stands there bare naked as the day he was born. Half ashamed at his nudity but too horny to care! He collects himself and attempts to throw his shirt on the floor but the sleeve gets caught on his rock hard cock and he just stands there for a second with his t-shirt hanging from his cock. Totally fucking hot!

He sits back on the couch and continues to work on his uncut cock as he reaches up with his free hand and gives his beautiful nipples a little tweak. His nipples are perfect shaped disks that cap of his beautiful pecs and this twink ain't afraid to get freaky with them!

He pulls and twists the sensitive flesh as the camera comes in for a fantastic closeup. His perfect skin almost glows in the bright video lights as he creates a mix of pain and pleasure for himself. Knowing exactly how to do it right. Not stopping until his nips are bright red and stinging with intense pleasure.

The camera pulls back and you can tell by the look on William's face that he loves having his nips worked over. And if that didn't convince you then his rock hard uncut cock will! His poor cock is quivering from all the attention he's been giving his nipples and he carefully gives it a couple of strokes. Not wanting to get off too soon!

He grabs a big bottle of lube and slicks up his fingers before pulling his legs up and exposing his pink little asshole for all the world to see. He cranes his neck around his legs and checks himself out in the camera's LCD monitor as he slowly works his finger into his asshole. His finger slides inside his body easily and buries it all the way to the second knuckle before digging his finger around inside himself. Reaching all the good spots!

William slowly pulls that finger out and spreads his cheeks to show off his asshole. Bright red now from the attention and gaping open just a little bit. He hops up on his kneeds and pushes his ass back towards the camera as he spreads his cheeks again. Putting his perfect asshole on display one more time before driving his fingers back into his body with a little grunt. No doubt this twink loves to get fucked!
The ass play is just what the doctor ordered and this horny little twink is aching to get off. He flips back over on the couch and holds up his rock hard cock one more time. Grinning as he stretches his pecker forward enough to cause an ache in his balls. He looks right at the camera one more time with that horny grin of his then sets to work on his cock. Ready to cum!
His hand becomes a blur on his shaft and it doens't take long before a thick river of cum is running down his hand and dribbling on his beautiful smooth twink belly. He takes a second to catch his breath as he looks down at the delicious mess he just created.
His hunger gets the better of him and he brings his hand to his mouth and greedily laps up every last drop of his load before reaching down for anything that might have escaped his grasp. He swallows it all down and smacks his lips as he looks right at the with his green eyes sparkling in the lights. One last satisfied grin and this twink is done.
You Love Jack - William Prince
You Love Jack - William Prince

You Love Jack - William Prince
You Love Jack - William Prince

You Love Jack - William Prince

You Love Jack - William Prince

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