Girl Can I use your Bathroom

Description Girl Can I use your Bathroom
Category: Hentai Games
Year: 2017


Girl Can I use your Bathroom

Holding in pee, a sporty schoolgirl with a plump body is running around the town.
The story begins when she rings the doorbell of your house...

After you let her use the bathroom, she finally gets relieved.

Upon leaving your house, however, it suddenly rains so that
she has to take a shelter until it stops raining, but it lasts for long time.

Staying at home two alone, the mood becomes uneasy when she found
your porn books, when you saw her panties on the mirror...

Driven by the aroused mindsets of each that reach the climax,
these two slide into sexual intercourse eventually...

But this is just the beginning, as the story continues afterwards...

- Missionary Sex
- Cowgirl Style Sex
- Doggy Style Sex
- Fellatio
- Irrunatio
- Titjob
- Reverse Cowgirl Sex
- Spoon Facing Sex
- Handjob
- Cheer-Leading Sex
- Blindfolding Play
- Sex while Taking Photo
- Sex with 2 of V-Signs
- And a lot

Cumshots are also well arranged as you can choose which body part of hers
you give the cumshots: creampie, swallowing, throat, womb, directly hitting stomach etc.

The camera is mainly set as you can see the H from the first person perspective.

The story occasionally goes into sex with a variety of clothes she regularly wears:
school uniform, casual clothes, cheer-leading costume, bikini, birthday suit and so forth.
This pure-mined girl has various lewd styled sex as she is requested.

The H scenes move plumply with the texture illustrated
in the pursuit of the combination of the realistic 3D and artistic 2D.

Quality details of the sex scenes make you easily get immersed into the scene.
For example, during sex scenes she gets sweats on her body as it heats up!
By all means, please check it out in the sample movies.

The cross-sectional views are integrated in various scenes:
2x missionary sex, reverse cowgirl sex, 2x irrumatio and more!
You can lively see that the sperm flows inside her.
And there is some secret content in the last scene!

- Scene Choice Menu
- Volume of SFX and Voices can be adjusted separetely
- ON / OFF the Cross-Sectional View
- Auto Play Mode (Letting your both hands free)
- You can loop your favorite scene
- 1280x720 resolution (Full-Screen mode available)
- Over 56 minutes of Total Runtime (1 hour + incl. Cut-Ins)

On-Browser Playing (Smartphone)
- Same Content as the Application
- ON / OFF the Cross-Sectional View
- 56 minutes 2x

Age Ratings
File Format
WMV / EXE included
Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial
Cross-section View Girl Uniform Internal Cumshot Cum Swallow made Oral/Irrumatio

Pentium 4 2GHz + required / Core2 + recommended
1GB + recommended
4.6GB or more remaining space / 3.5GB for On-Browser version
Resolution: 1280x720 or greater

Girl Can I use your Bathroom
Girl Can I use your Bathroom

Girl Can I use your Bathroom

Total size: 5.4 GB in 3 files.
Girl Can I use your Bathroom

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