Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

Description Latinas Like It Big Pt 2
Category: Latinas
Year: 2016
Cast: Cast: Liz Rainbow, Chanel Collins, Lucia Nieto, Nikki Litte, Penelope Cum, Bryan Da Ferro, Miguel Zayas, Pablo Ferrari
Duration: 3:39:06
Language: English
Format: mp4
Video: 720x404, AVC (H.264), 820kbps
Audio: 118kbps
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Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

Scene 1: Boyfriend Problems Solved
Me and my boy Tyler were chilling when we saw this sexy ass Latina gets kicked out of her boyfriend’s car. Her name was Chanel and she found panties that weren’t hers in the laundry so she expected her boyfriend to be cheating. Chanel said she needed a place to stay and Tyler offered to help her out as long as she helped him out. She agreed and minutes later she was slurping on his rod in the car! We went back to the crib where she showed off her amazing body before getting her tight hole filled by Tyler’s big cock! Chanel was moaning in Spanish and even fingered her ass while she was getting fucked! Finally he shot his load all over her face and chest and they called it a day...

Scene 2: Pipe Cleaners
Marcos was away on business for a few days and when he got home he discovered his house was covered in dust! He called a cleaning service and they sent over one of their best girls - Liz Rainbow. Now, Liz isn’t the best cleaning lady in the business but she’s very thorough. After he offered her a little extra cash to clean naked she had to think about it, but after a little while she was game - as long as he didn’t tell her boss. Later on, Marcos offered Liz even more money for a little extra housework, if you know what we mean, and she started cleaning his pipe like an expert! He bent her over on his couch and Liz accepted his hefty payment over and over again! Finally, he unloaded his man mayo into Liz’s open orifice and his house and penis were now clean.

Scene 3: A Lesson in Leche
Lucia Nieto wants to expand her horizons, so she decides to take some flamenco lessons! At first, to me, she seemed like one of those reclusive locas that never gets any dick. It didn’t take long for her to confirm that. After about 3 steps into it, she cries about how she likes dancing that’s more fun, something more like dirty dancing... She gives a super seductive striptease then literally started rubbing her bare ass on her dance instructor’s cock. The raging hard dick made it seem like although this was unexpected might as well turn a lession into a fiesta! She bounced on his dick so right for so long that his load of leche was ready for her dirty little mouth. She had no problem guzzling it down like a 16oz chelada.

Scene 4: Rewarded With Pussy
Nikki was just hanging out the cafe when someone comes by and steals her wallet out of her purse! Luckily, Raul was saw the whole thing and caught the thief, getting her wallet back. Nikki was so thankful and ask Raul if he would walk her home after that. He obliged and when they got to her house she invited him in - which he couldn’t say no to. After a bit of smelling, flirting and eye-fucking, things heated up as they kissed and before you know it Nikki had her mouth full of that Latin meat! She gets completely destroyed by Raul and his thick rod, moaning in pleasure the entire time! In the end, he exploded inside of her and the cum dripped out of her tight twat!

Scene 5: Persuading With Her Pussy
Cute and petite Penelope Cum was searching online for a new place in Barcelona. She found a nice luxurious place that she loved and contacted the realtor who showed her around the place. After giving Penelope a tour of the apartment, showing her the modern bathroom and beautiful decor, he told her it would be 1500 Euros a month and that was not in her price range! She said there’s a way that he can give her a discount as she played with his cock through his pants! It wasn’t long until this Spanish slut was on her knees getting face fucked! This tiny teen got destroyed and loved every second of it, even the face and mouthful of cum she received in the end!
Latinas Like It Big Pt 2
Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

Latinas Like It Big Pt 2
Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

Latinas Like It Big Pt 2

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