The Diary of Deception FHD

Description The Diary of Deception FHD
Category: Lesbians
Year: 2017
Duration: 35:30
Format: mp4
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 11718kbps
Audio: 170kbps
File Size: 3.0 GB
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The Diary of Deception FHD

Chloe and her mom Krissy are talking in the kitchen about plans for the weekend. Chloe explains that she was going to hang out with her boyfriend, but she's sick of him so her best friend Zoey will be coming to their house for a sleepover. Krissy couldnt be happier,
the last thing she could ever want is her d*ughter hangiing out with a pussy hungry little scoundrel.

As Chloe and Zoey make their way out to the veranda, Krissy gets a call from Zoey's mom Savannah. Turns out she was snooping into Zoey's diary and found out that the girls like fooling around with each other sexually when everyone goes to sleep. The moms are more than appaled, especially since these girls have no idea what they are doing. They decide to get together as quickly as possible to see how to deal with this.

The obvious conclusion is to SWAP d*ughterS, because if they are gonna do it they need to see how it's really done. They go to confront the girls by the pool and sure enough there they are making out and rubbing each other's tits in their undies. The moms lay the girls down right away, showing them exactly how to touch another woman and properly take a dick.

Krissy goes down on Zoey, gently massing her pussy with her tongue, informing her that too much can be harsh. Savannah starts fingering Chloe and explaining to her that a certain pace is ideal, and always welcomed more than just shoving your fingers in there with no disregard.

They end this lesson with an intense group tribbing session so hot that we could feel the heat coming off the screen. Now Chloe and Zoey have so many new things to try, and Krissy and Savannah got enough hot teen pussy juice to last them until the next lesson.
The Diary of Deception FHD
The Diary of Deception FHD

The Diary of Deception FHD
The Diary of Deception FHD

The Diary of Deception FHD

The Diary of Deception FHD

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