Kamille Amora – New Discovery

Description Kamille Amora – New Discovery
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Cast: Kamille Amora
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Kamille Amora – New Discovery

Meet Kamille Amora from Seattle, Washington. Kamille's a dancer at clubs in Seattle. We scoped out the strip clubs in that Pacific Coast city last year (there's not that many of them) and never saw anyone with tits even remotely close to Kamille's--natural or augmented.

"I've always wanted to be a model, since I was younger," says Kamille. "I clearly have the development for it. I've been a stripper for a long time, and that made me more into being in front of people and taking off my clothes. I'm comfortable doing this."

Kamille likes to shop, work-out, dance, strip and write rap songs. She is very flexible and can do splits and booty pops. Kamille very generously does this on-camera. This has an extremely horny effect on male onlookers. We tested this by wiring up viewers' brains to sensors and running the video.

Kamille is bisexual and has been to swingers' clubs where she schwinged and schwanged. She has to have her bras fitted unless she can find what she needs at Lane Bryant stores. Kamille was always drawn to showing off her beautiful bod.

"I started dancing when I was 18, almost just out of high school. I had a couple of girlfriends who stripped, so I started going to the clubs and watching them and thought it might be something I was interested in. It looked like fun, and it was."

Please put your hands together and greet Kamille Amora, New Discovery.
Kamille Amora – New Discovery
Kamille Amora – New Discovery

Kamille Amora – New Discovery
Kamille Amora – New Discovery

Kamille Amora – New Discovery

Kamille Amora – New Discovery

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