Chris and Johnny

Description Chris and Johnny
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Chris and Johnny

Chris and Johnny turned out to be quite the pair!

We all had time to relax a bit early in the day, so we took a nice trip to the beach . They were incredibly bright eyed and and both of them were in an excited mood. The day trek gave them a chance to get to know each other. Two young hot muscled guys. Both jokesters. Both very horny.

"Whats been your favorite part of the day?" I asked Chris.

"Mine? Driving along the beach. It was pretty cool."

Truth is, they were out of control! But in a good way. Between checking out all the hot women and men, they had a very interesting conversation in the car. Johnny had not been fucked before. Chris, with his subtle charm, managed to convince him that a dick in the ass isnt something to shy away from.

"So you were going to just top today but you guys got to bond a little bit in the car and decided that you would experiment with the bottoming thing."

"Yeah." Johnny replied with a smile.

I have to thank Chris for that. They reminded me of two buds that spent a day out together looking for chicks at the beach and then ended up wanting to fuck each other instead!
Chris and Johnny
Chris and Johnny

Chris and Johnny
Chris and Johnny

Chris and Johnny

Chris and Johnny

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