BaitBuddies Scott DeMarco & Aston

Description BaitBuddies Scott DeMarco & Aston
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BaitBuddies Scott DeMarco & Aston

Scott DeMarco is back at the studio and this time he's not alone. He's brought along his buddy Aston that recently found out that Scott does porn. Aston was blown away when he found out but it didn't take a toll on their relationship. Instead, it brought them closer together. Aston used to date Scott's best friend and after they broke up, Aston and Scott remained friends. Good friends...

Scott has been dreaming about hooking up with his buddy for a while but he had to wait until his best friend broke up with him before he could make a move. Lucky for him, Aston was down to give it a shot. So, Scott called up Caruso and he quickly arranged the shoot.

Scott has developed a thing for uncut cocks so you could imagine how excited he was at the thought that he'd be choking down Aston's beautiful uncut dick!

Caruso stepped back and told both studs to get to it. Scott was quick to drop to his knees and start sucking Aston's cock. But, then Aston said something that Scott couldn't believe. Aston said, I know this sounds weird but, I want to sit on your cock! And, Aston rode that cock like a champ!
BaitBuddies Scott DeMarco & Aston

BaitBuddies Scott DeMarco & Aston

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