Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

Description Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p
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Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

Having been Ordained by the Order, Elder Campbell felt an intense sense of belonging. He had secured his placeamong the men of the order, and the Brethren had become as important as family.

He loved being of service to the Higher Priesthood, especially to his mentor, Bishop Hart. The two had men shared so much together and he felt a love for him that was unlike anything else.

Both Elder Campbell and Bishop Hart were invited on a priesthood fellowship retreat, going away for a weekend. This always excited the younger initiates as they got to learn which of their missionary friends from their time at the MTC had been inducted into the higher priesthood.

For Elder Campbell, however, all he could do was think about having sex. With so many handsome young men in close proximity, he could practically smell their hormones and need to fuck. Their urges seemed to only fuel his own, putting him in a state of mind that was more focused on hard cocks than ever.

Bishop Hart was one of the men brought along to supervise the fellowship retreat, and look after the horny missionaries. Hart and Campbell had to play it cool and quiet most of the time, but as soon as they had their chance, they snuck off and threw themselves at each other.

Within seconds, their mouths were pressed against each other, tasting one another’s lips as they kissed deeply. It was as if they’d been starving for days and got their first taste of fresh, ripened fruit.

Elder Campbell had been craving the older man’s touch, and feeling his hands move over his shoulders and arms was enough to make his breathing heavy.

They looked around the room and saw two couches separated by a large, leather ottoman. Hart threw the boy down on one of the couches and pounced right on top of him.

As much as Campbell had felt he’d been horny, so, too, was Bishop Hart. Sex was easier for him to come by, but he had a fondness for the ginger haired boy that was unique. He loved him just as dearly and thought of him often. Now that they were together, his own erotic fantasies were coming to the surface.

They knew their time was short, but that didn’t stop them from taking each other in inch by inch. They fully luxuriated in each other’s sensory delights. They slowly let each other’s scent fill their lungs, studied the touch and look of each other’s skin, and even listened to each other’s kissing moans with complete adoration.

With Bishop Hart on top of Elder Campbell, the handsome man quickly began to strip him down. He pulled the boy up by his tie, his head to rise to meet his. They shared a playful, intimate kiss before Hart rapidly removed his tie and opened up his shirt.

Clothes seemed to fly as they tore them off of each other. Kisses punctuated the removal of each article, soon leaving the two men down to their garments.

Beneath their white underwear they could see each other’s swollen erections, creating large lifts in fabric that could not be ignored.

Bishop Hart ran his hands over the boy’s torso, seeing his perfectly porcelain skin flush with excitement. His eyes fell to his impressive, pink cock, giving Bishop Hart an idea.

He’d fucked the boy many times and loved the way it felt, but he’d always loved the boy’s big, thick, cock. It seemed like a waste to let such a beautiful piece go unused. He smiled to himself, studying the throbbing member, before giving Campbell a kiss.

“Would you fuck me this time?” Hart asked, whispering softly in the boy’s ear.

Elder Campbell was stunned at first. He’d never been asked that by anyone, let alone Bishop Hart. In a way, he thought of it as an impossibility. Something about Hart being older and more powerful seemed to preclude any such act. But now that it had been asked, Campbell felt incredibly aroused and nervous.

“I–I’ve never done that before.”

“Don’t worry… I’ll show you.”

He didn’t know why it scared him so much. Bottoming was easy for him. He’d been so submissive and passive throughout his entire sexual life, taking the lead from others who knew more and were experienced. It felt like he was being put into the driver’s seat having only ever been a passenger.

As Bishop Hart continued to kiss him and remove his garments, he felt a primal within him rise up. Deep within his gut, he felt a strength and ferocity take over his urges. He couldn’t quite explain it, but he could feel what it was doing to him. His testicles tightened and his loins churned with extra power.

Bishop Hart stripped down and mounted himself up on the ottoman close to the couch. He got on all fours and presented his ass in the air for him to see. Elder Campbell could see a bottle of oil nearby and poured some onto his cock, stroking it as he mentally prepared himself for what was to come.

“Come here,” Hart invited, indicating he was ready to receive the boy’s cock.

Seeing Bishop Hart’s perfectly shaped, smooth cheeks, Elder Campbell felt that new desire rise up even further. It took him over completely, and by the time he stepped into a fucking position, he knew what it was: the need to breed.

Deep down, his animal sexuality had risen to the surface. Given the chance to plant his cock inside and fuck his way to orgasm, that part of him that was coded into his DNA to spill his seed and procreate had fully arrived. He’d only ever taken men’s loads, and now, he was going to give his own.

Awkwardly, but with a growing urge in his body, the young missionary mounted himself behind Bishop Hart, bringing his cock head up to the warm, smooth hole of his mentor’s ass. It was very tight. He tried to press himself inside, but he felt himself fumble on the entry.

The oil made his fingers slippery and the mass of his erection seemed to move around too much to find any purchase. Bishop Hart took the boy’s cock in his hand and positioned him in place from behind.

Elder Campbell watched as his cock was moved into just the right spot and watched with absolute delight and amazement how it pressed against it. It at first seemed to just make an impression in the flesh, and all of a sudden, the seal was broken and his cock moved inside.

The rush was intense. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. He thought it might feel like his own hand, or maybe a mouth. But it was even more amazing than that.

His mouth opened wide and he let out a moan as the warm, velvety, wet feeling of the tightly wrapped ass moved over his cock head. Every fraction of an inch felt like a mile of perfect pleasure.
Instinctively, he pushed himself further in, faster than he realized and more than Bishop Hart expected. The older man let out a moan of his own, feeling the sudden fullness in his body of the boy’s impressive endowment.

He held the boy back a little, understanding his youthful excitement of having penetrated for the first time. Even through the slight pain, he felt the pleasure in his body of being fucked, and also in his heart of giving Elder Campbell this experience. He knew he’d have to coach him, but was happy to let him have this moment.

Elder Campbell felt Hart’s hole tighten around him, amazed by every micro muscle movement he could feel. The urge he felt was now coursing through him, making him desperate to fuck.

He moved his hips more fluidly, a little more controlled, but still very much excited. He wondered how long he could last inside his mentor’s hole while all the while his body prepared for the climax of his need to breed…
Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p
Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p
Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

Mormon Boyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant 1080p

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