MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

Description MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)
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MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

Elder Gardner has been spending more and more time on splits at the temple, something his dark haired cousin has noticed all too well.

Elder Gardner and his cousin (also Elder Gardner) are serving in the same mission. All the other missionaries affectionately refer to the younger Elder Gardner as “Elder Gardner Jr.”

Elder Gardner Jr has always kept an eye out for his handsome older cousin ever since they were little. The two boys were raised in strict Mormon families in Utah, but the two did as boys would do. They’d often sneak away to play pretend and wrestle, and sometimes they’d show each other their penises.

It wasn’t anything other than a private game of show and tell, but for the younger Gardner, it became a formative part of his sexuality. Seeing the large cock of his cousin gave him a hunger that he could never satiate.

Growing up with a passion for cock and no outlet to channel that desire, he struggled more and more as he got closer to his mission. The boys around him were maturing and looking more like men, and he still was fixated on fantasies of big dicks. He to feel a big dick slide down his throat.

Elder Gardner Jr tried his best to do as he was told and behave as he should, getting plenty of guidance from his cousin who was now well acquainted with the expectations of his mission. It was during one of these guiding conversations that the older Elder Gardner asked his cousin a leading question.

“Do you remember when we were kids and we would… show off to each other?”

“How do you mean?”

“You know… we’d pull them out. …Do you think other boys did that?

The younger boy didn’t respond.

The older Elder Gardner continued, “You know we weren’t the only ones, right? Actually, do you think any of the boys in our mission did something like that when they were kids with a cousin or a ?”

Elder Gardner hadn’t thought about that in years, and now in the midst of his own journey, he seemed surprised that he hadn’t. He could see the look in his cousin’s eyes that practically begged for sex. He knew it well. Many of the boys he had interacted with as a missionary had that look.

Gardner Jr. said the first thing that came to his mind, “That’s very serious. I think that’s something you might want to talk with someone about.”

Elder Gardner knew what was happening. “You’re afraid you will I get in trouble, right?”

The younger boy nodded.

“Look, I’ve learned about something secret. It’s a sacred part of our priesthood power, and something I think you should know about.”

The words burned in the younger boy’s ears.

“I want to introduce you to someone. He’s a priesthood leader who has keys.”

The younger Gardner didn’t know what that meant, but the thought soon came clearer to him that bringing it up might not have been a good idea. What if he does get in trouble? What if they think he’s gay? What if he gets kicked out?

The following day, the younger Gardner was called to the temple to meet with the area president, President Oaks. This is it, he thought, I’m in for it.

As he went into the temple, he was still so hungry for cock that his attention locked onto nearly every boy that walked passed him. Even in this troubled time, he was desperate for it.

President Oaks greeted him as he came into his office. He was a tall, handsome man with well placed dimples that became more pronounced as he smiled and a thick head of hair that was a blend of silver, gray, and black. He looked like a movie star that Elder Gardner Jr would have masturbated to as a teenager.

The two talked casually for a moment, Oaks asking him about his mission and how he was adjusting to the new life of an elder. Oaks mentioned his cousin and how he was doing really well. All this was pleasant and fine, but Gardner feared that his cousin did as all Mormon boys are instructed to do and ratted him out for his question.

“Are you getting along with the boys here?” Oaks asked, his eyes locked on Gardner’s.

“Yes, of course.”

“Would you like to know them better?”

Confused, Gardner replied, “I think so. I mean, yes, of course.”

Taking a pause, Oaks asked, “And the men?”

“Excuse me, Sir?”

“Would you like to know the men better?”

“I don’t know what you mean, but, I think so. Yes.”

President Oaks grinned slightly and said, “Good. …Take off your clothes.”

Elder Gardner Jr was surprised, but stood up and did as he was told. It seemed strange, but he didn’t feel much of a choice. His situation was precarious as it was, and President Oaks was the boss. He couldn’t say no. Besides, he was incredibly handsome… and he was still hungry.

President Oaks watched him take off his clothes, observing his behavior and mannerisms. He was very different from his cousin. Younger, a little less mature, less anxious, and unafraid to let his eyes drift to the older man’s crotch. Whether consciously or subconsciously, Oaks knew what he wanted.

“Come here,” the older man spoke, gesturing him close to him, interrupting his disrobal.

Elder Gardner Jr walked toward him, seeing the older man sitting at his desk fully clothed while he was down to just his garments and shirt. Standing next to him, he got lost in the older man’s good looks.

He’d been thinking about what it would be like to see another man naked for years, and this was feeling closer and closer to that fantasy. Especially when President Oaks brought his hand to the boy’s crotch and touched him.

Oaks hands sent electricity through his body, making him come alive in a way he didn’t know he could. The older man caressed between his thighs and rubbed his crotch, exciting Elder Gardner Jr and intensifying his lust.

The older man looked up at Gardner’s face, seeing his cheeks flush and his eyes widen. He knew it was time to give this boy a taste of his dreams.

“I want you on your knees,” he said, almost whispering to the young boy.

Gardner paused for a second, stunned and silent about what had been said, almost afraid to hope for what it might mean. He bent his knees and fell slowly to the ground, watching with excited anticipation as President Oaks stood and towered over him.

President Oaks looked down at the small, eager boy in front of him. He’s so used to seeing quiet, repressed little boys who need special prodding and guidance to show them their place. Elder Gardner Jr seemed at home on his knees, like he’d been waiting to be there his whole life.

The handsome president slowly removed his belt, teasing the experience out for the boy. All the while, Gardner’s heart raced, his mouth watered, and he prayed this wasn’t a dream.

Then, with a quick thud, President Oaks pants fell to the ground, revealing his crisp white garment shorts, stretched tightly over the man’s visible erection. Gardner’s eyes were fixated on it, studying every curve and line of its shape. It was still through the fabric, but it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Oaks pressed the boy’s face in close to it, making sure he could feel it against his cheek, appreciate its size and stiffness, inhaling the musk of his natural cologne, and giving him the experience of worship.

Elder Gardner Jr was in heaven. All he wanted was to get close up with a handsome man’s cock, and now he was buried in his crotch, feeling the of his erection press against him.

He didn’t dare to ask for more, but his eyes revealed his hope when they met with President Oaks’. The boy could not have shown more desire, and that made President Oaks smile wide.

With a slow, teasing movement, President Oaks took his thumb and placed it in the band of his shorts. In a pull that seemed to last forever, he guided his shorts down beneath his member, watching Gardner closely as his erection swung free from its entrapment and settled still in front of the boy’s mouth.

Gardner stopped, looked at Oaks standing tall above him, and waited like a patient puppy for any sign of permission. The older man nodded and with that, the young boy threw his wet, warm mouth down around the older man’s cock.

With the passion and fervor of a starving man tasting sweets for the first time, Elder Gardner Jr ravenously took Oaks into his mouth, letting his swollen phallus fill his face and push to the back of his throat. He lapped up every flavor and feeling of it on his tongue, trying to get more and more inside.

“Good boy, you are eager!” President Oaks exclaimed, excited to see how well the boy performed on his cock.

He stood and enjoyed his worship, knowing that this boy has never been happier and has never wanted anything more. President Oaks was used to being in power, but he enjoyed being seen as a god. And this was his new disciple…
MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)
MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)
MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner's Cousin - The Calling (with President Oaks)

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