DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

Description DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy
Category: Gays BDSM
Year: 2019
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Cast: Austin Young, Alex
Duration: 2:10:56
Format: mp4
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2922kbps
Audio: 125kbps
File Size: 2.9 GB


DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

Scene 1: Alex drags his favorite boy, Austin Young (a.k.a Austin Lock) into his dungeon and bends him over his knee. “A good boy has to learn to obey his ,” Alex announces, shoving his finger up the naked boy’s asshole. “Yes, !” Austin gasps, trembling uncontrollably. Then Alex brutally spanks Austin’s firm, bright-white cheeks. “You want to be a good boy for ?” he asks, covering his boy’s ass with hand-shaped bruises . “Yes, !” Austin replies, in between whimpers of pain. “, please!” Austin begs a little later when ordered to kneel on the chair and present his ass for more punishment. But shows no mercy, beating his boy’s ass with a brutal, leather spanker. Austin’s boyish whimpers intensify. “Oh, , it hurts!” he moans as his red ass is fucked with a huge dildo. And Alex is just warming up.

Scene 2: Teen-boy Austin Young is padlocked to the fuck bench by his Alex . Austin is so tiny his feet barely touch the ground. His cock is already stiff thinking about what his will do to his totally vulnerable ass, its hole puckering and quivering in anticipation. Standing nearby but out of sight, Alex is totally turned on, hearing his boy whimper and beg for mercy. “Save your begging, boy,” Alex says as he shows his terrified boy a three-foot long, black-and-purple flogger. Alex screams as his ass cheeks turn bright red, pummeled by the flogger, and his lean back becomes a mass of whip marks. “Suck this cock!” Alex demands. Austin eagerly shallows his ’s erect phallus to its base, gagging, but eager to please, to do anything to stop the pain.

Scene 3: Austin continues to deep-throat Alex’s huge, erect cock, so deeply his lips kiss his ’s shaved pubes. As his ’s cock grows, getting even harder to swallow, Austin doesn’t resist as Alex grabs the back of his head and rhythmically fucks his throat deeper and deeper. Young Austin knows the only way to keep his from whipping him is to take his cock. Suddenly, Alex switches sides, ramming his rock-hard man-rod, lubricated with nothing but his boy’s saliva, deep up Austin’s tiny ass. Austin moans in pain as the fuck-nag he’s strapped to rocks from the violent thrusts that literally lift his feet off the floor as he’s fucked. “Don’t worry, boy, I’m not gonna cum inside you. I don’t want to leave any evidence,” Alex announces, as he pulls his throbbing cock out of his young boy’s ass and blasts a load of cum all over his well-whipped back. Then Austin licks his ’s fuck-tool clean.

Scene 4: Young Austin is stretched out on his back on the bondage table, completely naked, arms cuffed together over his head, ankles spread and padlocked to each corner. His back still aches from his earlier whipping. He can still taste his ’s cock in his mouth and feel it in his tight, young asshole. Austin is terrified, anticipating more pain. Then his appears, with a new device – a razor-sharp pinwheel. When it touches his skin, Austin jumps. It’s sharp! “Oh, , please be careful!” the boy begs, terrified. The sensation is both painful and “itchy,” like he’s being tickled with sandpaper. Austin giggles nervously when the device rolls over his armpits. Big mistake. is pissed! He flogs the boy brutally, up and down his lean, wiry body. Austin begs and pleads, cries and whimpers, but shows no mercy.

Scene 5: Alex continues to flog his young boy Austin, up-and-down his wiry body, even as the helpless boy squeals in pain and begs for mercy. “! It hurts! I’ll be good!” Austin pleads as the rapid-fire flogger-blows leave their mark on his prone body. “You have to learn, boy!” Alex barks, telling his boy he must keep his dick hard – and cum – on command, even when he is in pain. “I will, ! I will cum for you!” Austin promises. Alex stops the whipping but immediately lines the boy’s sides, from his ribs to his waist, with clothespins then strokes the boy’s cock. Alex whimpers in pain but, as promised, gets hard. Soon he busts a huge load of cum all over his abs.

Scene 6: Austin Young is spread-eagle face-down on the bondage table, his wrists and ankles padlocked to each corner. Completely naked and still hurting from his earlier tortures, the teen boy feels particularly vulnerable: His ass is elevated off the table by a block of wood placed below his waist, spreading his cheeks, exposing his boy-cunt. “Is that ass ready for me, boy?” Alex asks. “Yes, ,” Austin whimpers, terrified. The flogger strikes his ass, not too hard at first, then harder and harder up and down his lean back and round ass. “Please, please, please, , it hurts!” Austin begs, but Alex shows no mercy. Austin’s boyish cries and anguished moans are music to his ears and he loves the warmth emanating from his boy’s whipped flesh as he strokes his body between beatings. Then he shows Austin the huge dildo that will be rammed up his ass.

Scene 7: Teen boy Austin has been well prepared for a long, hard fucking. His ass and back are criss-crossed with angry, red whip-marks. “What do you think will hurt more, boy: the flogger or this in your ass?” Alex asks, showing his boy a veined, rubber dildo the size of the boy’s forearm. Austin yelps in agony as the thing is rammed all the way up his ass, right to its base. Alex twists and turns the massive dildo as it plunges unbelievably deep into the tiny boy. The fucking goes on and on, much longer than Alex could ever manage with his own cock. Austin can do nothing but moan and take the unrelenting abuse of his raw asshole. Then Alex returns to his flogger, beating the boy even harder. Poor, poor Austin, suffering so beautifully just for our pleasure.

Scene 8: After his long session bound on the torture table, whipped and fucked by his , Austin now stands naked in the corner of the dungeon, his wrists padlocked together to a steal chain wrapped around his tiny waist, his legs spread wide by a metal rod, two nasty little clips digging into his nipples. Austin instinctively plays with his cock, knowing his , Alex, will want to see him hard, but he can’t reach his nipples. “Good, boy, now you can prove to me that you can pleasure yourself, even when you are in pain,” Alex says as he enters the dungeon, eyeing his boy’s semi-erect cock. “Yes, , I’ll cum for you!” Austin says, his nipples screaming in pain. But that pain isn’t enough. Alex whips the boy’s torso – sometimes hitting the nipple-clamps – making him jump and whimper as he desperately works his cock. “Please, ,” the terrified boy says, begging with his eyes. But, sure enough, despite the nonstop pain, Austin cums all over his hands, the perfect little pain-slave.
DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy
DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy
DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

DreamBoyBondage - Austin Young - 's Boy

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