(Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen

Description (Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen
Category: Hentai Games
Year: 2012
File Size: 271.9 MB
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(Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen

Players will advance the game in the mystery of the man point of view.
- Previous work Unlike, there is no map movement and search elements. All is erotic scene.
Story is not. It is a sequence of essentially erotic scene. Please enjoy for your free erotic because it is not ending.
Even without playing the previous work, there is no trouble at all.
H scene are two of service slaves Torture and pleasure bondage Torture.
Pleasure bondage Torture is not a so-called SM-play element. SEX play is the center of the in bondage state.
Service Slave Torture Blow, Fucking, Footjob, cowgirl, etc., to serve the to man.
Since the is already starting from the state that became a thing of the man, there is no insult color.
ver2.0 Added ruins search by the man of the ass Slave Torture and mystery from.

- Since appreciation scene is a real-time 3D to draw a polygon in the 3D space, the camera angle in the mouse and keyboard operation, you can watch in a 360 ° free position and angle.
The camera angle in towards it is cumbersome to change, and is also available set angle.
· The mouse cursor to hide and display the way and the mouse cursor to change the camera angle by simply moving the mouse There are two ways to change the angle in the right mouse drag.
- Of course the keyboard, you can change the camera angle in the game controller error.
Automatic play is attached to the H scene. Once run the play can be seen in the letting go.
- Such as a game over there is no. What choices also chose you can recover all of the scene. You do not need to proceed with the game while save and load.

Operating environment
· 3D graphics function is required. Since the operating spec high please check the operation by always trial version.
Notebook PC, on-board graphics may not work even if not meet the operating environment. Thank you confirm the operation by the trial version.
· Windows7 is compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit.

Version-up is the only distribution from the sale site. Please buy with membership registration as much as possible.
After you download the trial version and product version, please start from Be sure to thaw.
Voice has been taken from past work. However there are also some new voice.
This work will operate in stand-alone. Not a sacrifice 2 to an enhanced version of the Island - and of
However, you can take in as a privilege the costume from Adventure Island of sacrifice 2 to Island - and and sexy model nightmare of .

Series: of sacrifice 2
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie game
Adventure game
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8

Yes voice
3D Movies
Yes Reviews
Clothing bondage blowjob Torture restraint Anal

Pentium4 2GHz or more
512MB or more
1GB or more
9.0c or later
800x600 or more monitors

(Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen
(Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen

(Game) Sacrifice 2 to sexual slavery Torture Hen

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