(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories

Description (Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories
Category: Hentai Games
Year: 2012
File Size: 3.1 GB


(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories

The hero is a cheap school student who is anywhere.
Although there are 3 women 's worried women, they can not actively get out, but just chasing with eyes every day.
One is an adult lady who is getting on a train on the way to school, very beautiful and worrisome.
One is a woman younger than I see in the library of the city, I am pretty and worried.
One kindly housewife living in the next room. I am interested in the atmosphere that is healed just by being near you.
The hero regularly lives in town today as well.

Game Features
(1) All scenes animate
Other than the part requiring still images in the production of OP · ED
General stereotypes of eroge standing pictures and event pictures were all animated
I think that it is easy to understand.
Ibediany is "over 200 cuts". Full animation of all 30 fps.
All exceptions are loop animation & loop voice.

(2) It has become extremely erotic texture made as citrus
We have always tried to improve the texture, but this time we were able to achieve a certain level of satisfactory quality.

(3) Female character is full voice
I will blame you, I will shine it.

(4) Only the main character with no reverse rotation
The hero is totally passive, I will not do an intact money like waving himself.
For some characters, it is a reverse situation.

Position · Situation excerpt
Handjob, Standing Degree, Standing Back, Masturbation, Onahoshoki, Urethralism, Facesitting,
Vacuum Blowjob, Pissing Handjob, Anal Torture, Cowgirl, Piercing Top

(0) the leading character
Unnamed: Yukito (Yukito) 0 Second grader 0
Height: 170 cm
Cup like yakisoba, men whose contents and appearance are also mediocre.
If anything is adult. Of course she is a virgin and a little skin tan.

(1) 1
Unnamed: Midori Ayane (Midu Ayane) 28 years old
Height: 171 cm Bust: 82 C cup (beautiful milk series)
friend sitting on the train on the way to school.
Sometimes my eyes meet.

(2) 2
Name: Tsurumi Hayakawa (Tsugumi Hayakawa) 0 Second grader 0
Height 153 cm Bust: 78 A cup small tits
Famous lady seen in the library of the city 0 Girls of study.

(3) 3
Name: Yuuko Shirota (Yuuko Shirota) 36 years old
Height 157 cm Bust: 92 F cup big tits (< our circle standard)
The woman of a baby living in the next room. My husband often leaves home with business trips and golf.
Easy guy kindly gave me the neighborhood guidance for the hero who moved from behind.

Series name Tri * Color
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Adventure Game
file format
With Voice Music with music Animation 3D artwork w / Free Demo review
woman Train Handjob Reverse Male Receiving Small Tits / Small Tits

Pentium 4 or higher
5 GB or more available
Full color with 800 x 600 resolution

(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories
(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories

(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories

(Game) Tri Color Three Beginning Stories

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