Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Description Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex
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Cast: Katarina Dubrova
Duration: 21:44
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Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Katarina Dubrova is sporting a seven-month baby bump. She's a very slim girl so her bump looks even more massive. Her neck is bothering her so she heads over to a relaxing, peaceful massage center to unwind. Katarina enters, changes into a robe and goes into one of the rooms where David the masseur is waiting. She's going to make his day and he's going to make her day.

David gets to work on Katarina's neck. He has her remove her robe so he can check out her fertile body and now-bigger boobs. Katarina enjoys the feeling his hands are giving her. She starts touching his arms and giving him the eye. His hands move down, massaging the tops of her bra-supported tits. Katarina joins in, touching her breasts herself.

Forgetting all about her stiff neck, David applies some massage oil to the tops of Katarina's big jugs. She lowers her bra straps, holding her cups but looking ready to drop her bra. She takes both his arms in her hands as his fingers reach for her nipples. He pulls out each large knocker and kneads it. At this stage of pregnancy, Katarina's areolae have become a deep chocolate brown and her erect nipples could cut glass at this point.

Tossing aside Katarina's bra, David continues massaging Katarina's mams. Her breathing deepens and she shudders from his stimulating treatment. "Do you want to massage my belly?" Katarina coyly asks. "Yeah?" She lays back and he softly rubs her belly. She reaches for his junk, pulls it out of his shorts and wraps her slender hand around it. With her other hand, Katarina palms his hanging nuts and tickles it. While she jacks his cock, David keeps occupied rubbing Katarina's tits and pussy.

He comes around the top of the massage table. Katarina flips over and sucks his boner. She sits up and he gets on the table to fit his cock between her tits and fuck them. Katarina cups her heavy jugs as he pumps her cleavage.

Katarina gets on her back. He pulls off her panties and licks her pussy, sending her into dreamland, then fucks her in missionary and sideways. Katarina's full breasts hang over the side of the table and quake while David fucks her. She rubs her hardening clit as he thrusts his sausage-tube in and out.

David gets on his back and Katarina gets on her knees. She jerks and sucks his dick hard and fast. With a groan, he explodes in her mouth. Looking right into the camera, Katarina opens her mouth and his load falls out of her mouth, landing on her pregnant tits. That was one helluva massage session and a happy ending for both of them.
Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex
Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex
Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

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